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Garth Hill College

Year 6 to 7 Transition

Welcome to Garth Hill College

We are delighted that you and your family will be joining us at Garth Hill College in September. 

As a school, we pride ourselves on educating the whole child and working closely with our local community. We are very much looking forward to working with you and your family to ensure you achieve your potential throughout your time at the school.

Miss McGinley (Acting Head of Pupil Care)

If you have any queries, please email Miss McGinley at transition@garthhillcollege.com

Transition Dates for you Diary

April – June

  • Primary visits - The Garth Hill transition team will meet with your child’s primary school to get to know your child really well including their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Website - The transition page on the GHC website will be regularly updated with useful information to support you child’s transition to GHC.
  • New Starter Booklet - We will be sharing a new starter booklet with you. This will have key information to help your start at GHC


  • 6 July – Transition day 1 at GHC
  • 7 July – Transition day 2 at GHC
  • Induction information for parents/carers at GHC
  • Additional transition for pupils identified as needing more support.


  • Start of term – There will be special arrangements for the start of term for all year 7 pupils to support their transition to the College
  • Meet the Tutor – There will be an opportunity for parents and carers to meet their child’s tutor and discuss their start at GHC.   


Visit to Oakwood - All of our year 7 pupils will attend a team-building session at Oakwood with their tutor and the rest of their tutor groups. This is an excellent opportunity for them to develop key skills and forge new friendships. 

Please note - Specific information about the events above will be shared with parent/carers in separate communications.


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