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Garth Hill College

Year 11 to 12 Transition Work

Welcome to the Y11 into Y12 Transition Work page. Here you will find a pack of work from each of our subjects offered at A-Level/Level 3 Vocational. Transition work is meant to help you identify key skills and knowledge from GCSE that will help you succeed in Sixth Form. It is also going to give you an idea of some of the topics and tasks that you may encounter in your intended subjects. Please download the work for your intended subjects and complete throughout the Summer Holiday. If you have any questions about the transition work, please contact the relevant Head of Department. If you have any other queries, please contact Mr Swan (j-swan@garthhillcollege.com).

A Level Transition Work


Art Transition Work




Biology Transition Work





Business Transition Work


Chemistry Transition Work

Chemsheets GCSE 1001 Structure of atoms

Chemsheets GCSE 1003 Relative atomic mass

Chemsheets GCSE 1004 Electron arrangement

Chemsheets GCSE 1008 Atoms and Ions

Chemsheets GCSE 1060 Ionic formulae

Chemsheets GCSE 1063 Drawing molecules

Chemsheets GCSE 1067 Ionic and molecular substances

Chemsheets GCSE 1088 Formula mass

Chemsheets GCSE 1092 Moles

Chemsheets GCSE 1093 Reacting mass calculations

Chemsheets GCSE 1154 Bond energy calculations

Computer Science



Computer Science Transition Work

Computer Science Student Pack

English Literature



English Literature Transition Work

Further Maths






Geography Transition Work




History Transition Work

History Course Outline

History Transition Resources







Maths Transition Work




Media Transition Work


Music Transition Work





Photography Transition Work


PE Transition Work - Section A

PE Transition Work - Section B

PE Transition Work - Section C



Physics Transition Work


Politics Transition Work

Politics Pre-Year 12 Bridging Work

Product Design



Product Design Transition Work

Product Design Task 2 - Existing Designers

Product Design Task 4 - Product Lifecycle




Psychology Transition Work

Psychology Transition - Student Guide

Religious Studies

Philosophy Religion and Ethics Transition Work


Welcome to Sociology

Introduction to Sociology

Nature v Nature

Outline of Course


Spanish Transition Work

Spanish Transition Work

BTEC Transition Work

 BTEC Applied Science



Applied Science Transition Work

BTEC Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care Transition Work

BTEC Travel and Tourism



Travel and Tourism Transition Work

Travel and Tourism - What is Tourism

Travel and Tourism - Unit 1 Key Terms

Travel and Tourism KO - Unit 1

BTEC Performing Arts

GH6 Taster Session - Performing Arts

Performing Arts Transition Work

BTEC PE/ Sport


PE/Sport Transition Work