Values and Ethos

Values and Beliefs

Growth   |   Aspiration    |   Respect    |   Tenacity    |   Honesty

Hard work   |   Inclusion    |   Leadership   |   Learning

Garth Hill Values are British Values

Strong social, moral, spiritual and cultural values and beliefs are essential for a successful community.  Our values and beliefs are important to us and we expect all members of the College community to adopt them. 

At Garth Hill College, we value and appreciate everyone in the college, local, national and global community. We also place great value on:

  • Courtesy, mutual respect and acceptance of others regardless of background
  • Inclusion and equality of opportunity
  • Honesty and trust
  • Cooperation, partnership and teamwork
  • Consistency and fairness
  • Commitment, success and achievement

Education and learning is a vital part of personal development and preparation for life.  We believe that learning should be an enriching and enjoyable experience and that everyone is entitled to achieve their full potential. 

We  believe in:

  • Pupils first - Every child matters
  • The importance of accepting personal responsibility and the consequences of our actions
  • Showing appreciation for all
  • Healthy and sustainable living in balance with our physical well-being and environment
  • True partnership with all members of our learning community
  • Making a positive difference to others’ lives.

Actively promoting Garth Hill values means challenging opinions or behaviours in school that are contrary to those values.