The Garth Hill Experience

At Garth Hill, we are passionate about our pupils, everyone’s learning, and the Garth Hill community.  We believe that a genuine learning community should be one where adults, as well as young people, fully engage in the learning process, and are open to learn from each other and from all experiences.

The Garth Hill College experience provides a framework for young people to thrive, develop and reach their potential academically, personally and socially.  This is based upon four key principles:

  • A strong belief that anyone can achieve, and beyond expectation, with relentless dedication and commitment, tenacity and purposeful hard work
  • A focus on our pupils' progress and on them being the best that they can be irrespective of their starting point - a journey to personal excellence
  • Starting their journey to excellence from their very first day at Garth Hill, and doing everything possible to help them stay on track and progress well
  • Providing a wide and diverse range of opportunities, inside and outside the classroom, so that our young people develop academically and personally.

A well qualified and dedicated team of staff work hard to provide the best possible all-round educational experience.

Other key features of the Garth Hill Experience:

  • A commitment to excellent service and care supported by a highly effective pastoral ‘house’ system.
  • A curriculum enhanced and enriched by new technology.  Garth Hill is a specialist Technology College with state-of-the-art facilities
  • A strong pupil voice and a commitment to develop pupils as active citizens and to encourage them to take responsibility for their learning, actions and environment.  Garth Hill is a CMCD® school.
  • Strong partnerships with parents/carers. You have a vital role to play as your child spends more time with you and your family than with us.
  • Well established partnerships with local businesses, organisations and other educational providers in the UK and overseas.