The College's Organisation

The College is organised into six schools. Each school is led by an Assistant Principal (‘Head of School’). Four of the schools are home to a curriculum area. There are four main curriculum ‘schools’:

  • The School of Human, Creative and Physical Studies
  • The School of Languages and Communications
  • The School of Mathematics and Information Studies
  • The School of Science and Technology

Each area is led by a Curriculum Team Leader and there are subject leaders for each of the subjects within those curriculum area teams. These staff are supported by a Deputy Curriculum Team Leader.

The fifth school is the Sixth Form at Garth Hill College. Again, this is led by an Assistant Principal who works closely with the Head of Sixth Form and the Assistant Head of Sixth Form.

The sixth school is the School of Supported Learning which is led by another Assistant Principal. The school comprises all aspects of mainstream and specialist Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision including Rise@GHC and the entire Garth Hill community. The Assistant Principal works closely with the College’s Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs), senior and middle leaders to deliver the mainstream and specialist SEN curriculum.