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Garth Hill College

School of Supported Learning

The School of Supported Learning is led by an Assistant Principal. The school comprises all aspects of mainstream and specialist Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) provision, including Rise@GHC, and the entire Garth Hill community. The Assistant Principal works closely with the College’s Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENDCo's), senior and middle leaders to deliver the mainstream and specialist SEND curriculum.

Learn more about Rise@GHC.

School  Staff

Assistant Principal ('Head of School') Mrs Chani Morris c-morris@garthhillcollege.com
Acting Head of Rise@GHC Mr P Mortimer p-mortimer@garthhillcollege.com
Deputy Head of Rise@GHC Miss C Pullinger c-pullinger@garthhillcollege.com
Deputy Head of Rise@GHC Ms C Milnes c-milnes@garthhillcollege.com
SENDCo Miss V Sprott v-sprott@garthhillcollege.com
Acting Assistant SENDCo Mrs C Groom c-groom@garthhillcollege