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Download and print the 'Remote Learning Checklist' to help with your remote learning.

My Remote Learning Checklist


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Important information for pupils and parents/carers on remote learning using Microsoft Teams

We encourage all pupils to begin familiarising themselves with Microsoft Teams from Monday 20 April. Although Class Charts will remain our main learning platform for the time being, we envisage moving all remote learning to Microsoft Teams in the near future.


During this pilot of Microsoft Teams, when staff and pupils gain experience and working knowledge of the application, the chat, posting, and video call functions will be disabled to allow teachers to support pupils in a safe and structured way. We will review pupils’ use of Microsoft Teams by end of week beginning Monday 27 April with a view to determining the date when all learning can be set using Microsoft Teams.


To help prepare for using Microsoft Teams, please take some time to watch the training links below. If you have any questions, please also read the help documents in Microsoft Teams. If you still require help and support with IT access please email


For Parents/Carers: parents-and-guardians-89d514f9-bf5e-4374-a731-a75d38ddd588?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US


For Pupils:

Signing into Microsoft Teams: office-365-for-students-eea3ee92-ba42-4217-90d4-155f9a5477e4


Working as a team: 4 short video clips: in-microsoft-teams-c724a033-092c-4ccd-96af-286a29a0757e


Assignments: using-the-feedback-loop-63e5efdd-be09-47f0-87ea-e8e4bcb45aa4


We will keep you updated on the progress of this pilot and plans to move all learning to Microsoft Teams.


How can my child access MS teams on our Apple computer/phone/iPad/device?

MS teams can be accessed using the Webmail link on the website. Once your child has logged into Office 365, all Microsoft applications are free for use and can be found on the top left 9 dots, titled app launcher of any Microsoft Office web page.  

My child is unable to access Microsoft Teams.

Please watch this short guidance video: Garth Hill College Website, webmail and MS Teams

Alternatively, please email

Some work is set on Class Charts, some on MS Teams – which should I use?

All work is being set on both Class Charts and MS Teams. This is duplicated so that families can choose the best platform to suit their own personal circumstances.  We would, however, encourage you to use and submit work on Microsoft Teams as this allows for a better interaction and communication with pupil and teacher.

Can I access the sessions on other devices?

The posting facility for sessions can be accessed via a smart phone – students can download the APP and then follow the same instructions to join sessions.

How should my child complete and submit work?

Your child can complete the work in their book, on paper, or using any Microsoft Application. These are all free and available once you have logged into Office 365. Once the work is complete it should be uploaded to MS Teams using the following guidance document:

Handing in an Assignment

Regarding the Microsoft Teams additional support timetable, does this mean there is only one teacher available to support the whole cohort at that time e.g. year 8 English is Thursday 9.15-10.15?

One or two teachers are available per Team but students should email their subject teacher if they require any more support. Please remember that some teachers may be on shift in College.

If my child cannot access the support at that time, what should they do?

Microsoft Teams is set up by subjects and year groups so staff who are allocated to teach a class will be available to engage with students.  The questions asked by each student are stored on the “chat” with the teacher response so that all students can access the support.

Can my child contact a member of staff at a different time to the lesson timetabled on MS teams?

Staff will be available on MS Teams at different points throughout the school day.  MS teams sends a notification to the member of staff that a message has been received and staff will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. Students can also contact their teachers via email.

Please note: FOR SAFEGUARDING PURPOSES, STUDENTS MUST ONLY CONTACT TEACHERS USING THEIR SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS.  Staff have been advised not to respond to personal email addresses.

Does my child have to attend all the timetabled live support sessions? Does my child have to be present in all of the sessions?

Not necessarily. You may have an alternate schedule or still using the original school timetable.  If students need help, these are the times available to ask questions, and join the subject chat forum. We recommend students communicate as frequently as possible with their teachers.

My child is finding it very difficult to access all the workbooks/PPTs/documents being sent.

As the process of home learning develops, staff are becoming more familiar with resources to support learning. All staff have been asked to ensure that work is appropriately differentiated. If this is not the case please email the class teacher who will be able to provide further support.

My child is finding it difficult to complete all of the work in the 60 minutes?

  • As a College we have asked staff to set work which typically should last 60 minutes. Your child may take longer to complete some of the work. They should do as much as they can in 60 minutes but if they prefer to divide it into two 30-minute sessions, that may help.
  • Assessments should be completed in line with all department assessment schedules and submitted to the teacher.

My child is finding it difficult to access the work as the content is very ‘heavy’. Are there are other resources which could be used to support the learning?

  • Where possible, staff will reference resources other than PowerPoints workbooks to support the learning taking place.
  • Oak Academy has provided resources nationally for all cohorts from Reception through to Year 10. They offer a variety of online lessons which can support learning: Https:// ; BBC Bitesize has also relaunched its site with some excellent online resources:  

Please follow the work set by GHC staff as the topics available as they may not all link with our current curriculum.

My child is concerned that he/she will be in trouble if they do not complete the work.

  • Our main priority is to support your child in accessing and engaging with the work. We will follow up to ascertain what is preventing them from accessing the work and provide support if necessary.
  • We are very grateful to parents/carers for all the support and encouragement you are providing and understand the challenges that you may be facing.
  • Please do let us know of any concerns by emailing your child’s Head of House or Form Tutor.

Will my child receive feedback on work completed?

  • Where possible, activities set have included mini-quizzes and tests to ensure that students receive immediate feedback. Some PowerPoints will also include answers so that students can self-assess.
  • Longer project activities and the work set in line with assessment schedules will have deadline dates and feedback will be provided when these are submitted.
  • Some tasks will have specific submission dates so that staff can feedback. This will be dependent on the subject.
  • Staff would be very happy to receive photos of work to review, although there is a free scanning app which could support this (Microsoft Office Lens - PDF Scanner).
  • Only assessment in line with the schedules will have particular feedback in the form of WWW and Go green activities set. All other work submitted will be acknowledged.

How often should my child log onto MS Teams?

  • All students should observe the MS teams additional support timetable for the year group and aim to be available for these sessions. Students can log on at any time during the school hours of 9:00-3:00 if they want to post to a member of staff and ask for help. Staff receive a notification a message has been sent and will know to respond.

How can my child submit work on MS teams?

  • Guidance on how to submit work on MS teams can be found at the following link and the ‘how to’ video' link can be found in the bulletin dated Friday 15.05.20.


1.     Attend and be punctual. 

Using your timetable as a schedule for your week, ensure you are actively engaging with work that is set in each subject. Spend approximately 60 minutes per lesson on completing work that is set. If your teacher is available online, then interact appropriately with the teacher and pupils.

2.     Present yourself well.

Online - be polite and courteous, showing respect for yourself and others as you would in a normal classroom environment. A virtual classroom is a professional environment. Write as if you were drafting an essay. Correct spelling, grammar, and style are expected in all scholarship and academic writing.

3.     Behave impeccably.

Do not post anything that is inappropriate or that you would not say in a normal classroom environment. Be respectful and contribute in a positive and productive manner.

4.     Follow instructions and rules.

Engage with resources positively and do your best to complete assigned tasks. Follow instructions in the chat.

5.     Do not disrupt learning.

Complete the work posted online to the best of your ability. When you are online with your peers and teacher, stay on topic and ask appropriate questions in line with the learning. Actively engage in the posting and online discussions in a polite and respectful way. Stay on topic, don’t be disruptive to others and be productive and helpful. Ask questions in an appropriate way and remember your ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

6.      Be kind and helpful to others.

If someone asks a question, try to help them. Be kind and respect of other people’s differences and opinions. We are all in this together and it is important to support and help each other. Be courteous and kind, not posting anything you wouldn’t say in our normal classroom.

7.     Always try your very best.

Engage in the assignments, quiz, lessons that have been posted or uploaded. Attempt to complete as much of it as possible as you would do in class. Ensure you are working in an academic way and trying your best.



From 1 June, pupils will have a timetable where subject teachers will be available to communicate about the work set. Work will continue to be set on both Class Charts and Microsoft Teams to support all pupils. Teachers will be setting work every Monday for the week and will ensure at least a 7-day deadline. Pupils should continue to complete 60 minutes of learning per lesson a week. If pupils are completing work on paper, in books or alternate methods they should upload to Microsoft Teams using the free scanner tool: Microsoft Lens, or simply take a photo and upload it. Please remember to ensure pupils complete all assessments in line with department schedules and upload these to Microsoft Teams.

Use the guidance 'Handing in an Assignment' to learn how to hand in assignment using Microsoft Teams. Handing in an Assignment

Please remember once pupils have logged into Microsoft Office 365, using school email, they have free access to all Microsoft Applications including, Word, PowerPoint, One Note, to name but a few.


During the week, pupils should log on to as many of the sessions as possible and engage with teachers and peers. There are multiple sessions and some may overlap, so pupils should engage in a session where they need support or when a teacher has requested an answer. It is easy to go between Microsoft Teams pages and pupils may wish to engage with more than one session at a time. There is a Frequently Asked Questions document at the bottom of this page which will answer any questions they may have. Alternatively, subject teachers and form Tutors can support with further guidance. Use the pupil guidance document as a checklist for the week.

Please read through the guidance at the top of your ‘additional live support timetables’ (see below) and print these off or download for your reference.

Year 7 - Timetable Year 8 - Timetable Year 9 - Timetable
Year 10 - Timetable Year 12 - Timetable RISE - Timetable

Please also remember that some teachers may be unwell, in College on their teaching shift or have some trouble with IT. Please be flexible, resilient and supportive of all of our teachers and community in this time and keep trying your best.



From Monday 11 May, your Form Tutor will be available for you to interact with through Microsoft Teams. This will not be live teaching but more of an opportunity for you to interact with your fellow tutees and Form Tutor through the chat. Please click the link to learn how to do this at how to access Microsoft Teams. If you still require help and support please email


Form Tutors will be available once a week to support you with the work that will be assigned each week relating to the Character and Culture theme of kindness’, literacy and numeracy activities and signposting notices from the bulletin. It will also be a way for your Form Tutor to check in with you and make sure everyone in the tutor group is feeling OK.


There will be a small quiz assigned to you on Microsoft Teams at the beginning of each week which you need to fill in. This will help your Form Tutor know how you are feeling, gain information about what activities you have been up to and your opinions about different topics.


Your Head of House and Assistant Head of House will also interact with you regarding House news and competitions. We want to help you feel part of your House and tutor group community from home.


Your Form Tutor will contact you by email before half term to check in with you and ensure you are able to access Microsoft Teams.


When interacting on Microsoft Teams, you must follow the Seven Habits ensuring it is a safe and supportive forum. The expectations are the same online as they would be in College.


If you need any support or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the following members of staff. To ensure your email is actioned please email both your Form Tutor and Head of House for pastoral matters and for subject specific questions email both the subject teacher and the Head of Department.


All email addresses follow the following format:

Head of Haversham

Assistant Head of Haversham

Haversham House Mentor

Head of Lawrence

Assistant Head of Lawrence

Lawrence House Mentor

Head of Fielden

Assistant Head of Fielden

Fielden House Mentor

Head of Brownlow

Assistant Head of Brownlow

Brownlow House Mentor





Mrs Bhutta

Computer Science

Miss Bold


Mr Brown


Mr Dawson


Dr De Bruin


Mr Hall


Mr Harris

Religious Studies

Mrs Hawkins


Miss Kemp


Miss Monahan

Drama & Performing Arts

Mrs Manning Mr Weeks


Mr Philips


Mrs Saunders


Mr Sleeman


Mrs Stewart


Mr Turnham


Mrs Winsor


Mr Worsell

Travel & Tourism

Mr Bennison Miss Evans

Heath & Social Care

Mrs R Pegg Mrs L Williams

Business Studies

Miss Bold


Mrs Amos