Work Experience - Year 10

Virtual Work Experience

World of Work Insights Programme – March 2021

Parents’ Programme Launch


Learning to Work - ‘World of Work Insights’ Programme

Learning to Work, our careers partner, have developed an online ‘World of Work Insights’ programme for you. They will help you work through a series of well-structured activities to ensure you have the full careers experience we usually provide in Year 10.  You will complete an application form, have the experience of a professional interview (with a member of Learning to Work staff) and participate in a remote programme which will incorporate virtual work experience tailored to your preferences.

This programme will run in the week before the Easter holiday from 29 March to 1 April 2021 and will be delivered through a daily suite of online workshops and research sessions which Learning to Work will host and you will access remotely from home.  

Programme Outline

The insights programme consists of five modules that have been specifically tailored to you. Following the initial application form and interview this week, Learning to Work will tailor the programme to match your needs. The four days will consist of:

  • Module 1 – A day in the life of . . . (Career insight)

    This module follows up on the interview experience and how to perform in them.

  • Module 2 – Exploring Career Pathways (Understanding your own skills and potential career paths)

    Focus on skill set, careers matching, exploring a variety of ideas and job profiles.

  • Module 3 – Labour Market Information (LMI) (Exploring career/ job opportunities in your local area)

    Understanding the current job market in the Thames Valley area.

  • Module 4 – Virtual Work Experience (Choose from a wide selection of virtual opportunities to participate in)

    Participation in virtual work experience activities to include a live interaction with an employer.

  • Module 5 –  Getting Ready for Year 11 and Beyond

    Compare different Post 16 (Year 11) options and build your own pathway.

Each module will be facilitated by Learning to Work and consists of a voiced-over PowerPoint presentation with a wide variety of tasks, activities, and resources for you to explore and complete. There is a tracker document to log your findings as you work through the modules and each module concludes by consolidating what they you have learnt by updating your Unifrog profile.

We hope you enjoy the programme which begins tomorrow with an introduction and opportunity for you to complete an application form.