Pastoral Care & the House System

The College’s pastoral structure is organised as a house system. Each of the four main ‘schools’ is also home to one of the College’s four houses. There are four houses: Lawrence, Fielden, Brownlow and Haversham. Each house is made up of two or three tutor groups from each curriculum year, typically 11-12 tutor groups in total.

The Head of House is assisted by an Assistant Head of House, House Mentor and a team of form tutors. When a pupil joins the College in year 7, he or she will be allocated to a ‘house’ and to a form tutor, who will register the tutor group at the start and end of the college day. The form tutor undertakes initial responsibility for day-to-day problems and concerns. More serious matters are usually referred to the Head of House, or to the appropriate Curriculum Team Leader or Assistant Principal.