Pastoral Care & the House System

The College’s pastoral structure is organised as a house system. Each of the four main ‘schools’ is also home to one of the College’s four houses. There are four houses: Brownlow, Fielden, Haversham and Lawrence. Each house is made up of two or three tutor groups from each curriculum year, typically 11-12 tutor groups in total.

The Head of House is assisted by an Assistant Head of House, House Mentor and a team of form tutors. When a pupil joins the College in year 7, he or she will be allocated to a ‘house’ and to a form tutor, who will register the tutor group at the start and end of the college day. The form tutor undertakes initial responsibility for day-to-day problems and concerns. More serious matters are usually referred to the Head of House, or to the appropriate Curriculum Team Leader or Assistant Principal.

School of Human, Creative and Physical Studies and Home of Haversham House

School of Languages and Communications and Home of Lawrence House

School of Mathematics and Information Studies and Home of Fielden House

School of Science and Technology and Home of Brownlow House