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Garth Hill College

Year 11 Update on Prom, Hoodies & Year Book 


You will be aware that the fourth step of reopening has been delayed and this has led to restrictions still being in place on the date of our Prom. This means that the venue is unable to go ahead with our booking. We do not want out Year 11 students to miss out on having a Prom so we have provisionally rebooked this for Wednesday 22 September, providing we have enough students who wish to attend.    I would be grateful if you would complete the Microsoft form at the link below by Wednesday 23 June, to let us know if your child still wants to attend a Prom on this date.  If your child does want to attend but had not yet paid the deposit, there is an option on the form to inform us of this and you can then book your place.


For all those who do wish to attend, the final payment will be due by Friday 9 July. Payment should be made using the online Scopay  facility.  If you require a link code in order to set up an account for your child or have any enquiries regarding payment, please email accounts@garthhillcollege.com.



A second shop is now open if you were unable to purchase a Hoodie when the first shop was open online. Please follow the link below to purchase your hoodie. We will contact you as soon as they arrive at college for you to collect.  If your child’s hoodie did not arrive in the first batch from the shop, they will be delivered with this batch.  Please could you email me directly if you have not received your hoodie in the first batch so that I can ensure delivery. The shop will remain open until Friday 25 June with delivery expected by the end of the following week.



Year Book

We are still intending to produce a Year Book for students to purchase but we were unable to complete this before Year 11 left as we did not have photos taken until May. We will update you when the process is complete and an online shop to purchase is available. Please note, this may not be until exam results day 12 August.


Yours faithfully

Mrs J Hart

Assistant Principal KS4