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Use of Mobile Phones in school

Further to my last message in the College Bulletin on 07 March 2024, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind parents/carers regarding the revised ‘Use of Mobile Phones and Digital Devices’ Policy which comes into effect on Monday 15 April 2024. Please see the updated policy at this link https://www.garthhillcollege.com/docs/policies/ Mobile_Phones_and_Digital_Devices_Policy.pdf

As previously stated, this means that mobile phones must not be used, seen or heard during the school day. Pupils will be able to bring a device to College but it must not be used, seen or heard at any time during the College day, including during lessons, the time between lessons, breaktimes and lunchtimes. There will no longer be any ‘E Zones’.

Mobile phones will need to be switched off and out of sight before entering the building and can only be switched on after leaving the building. Pupils will need to place their mobile phone and/or digital device (including airpods and earphones) in their school bag, NOT blazer pocket, ensuring that all alerts and alarms are switched off and not active. Pupils should ensure that they have written their timetable in their planner and should check their ClassCharts before and after College.

Pupils who have a genuine need to contact a parent/carer during the day should speak to a member of the pastoral team, the Behaviour Support Centre or Learning Support Centre.

Pupils will be permitted to use devices after College to contact parents/carers if necessary, following any after College activity, such as an intervention session, extra- curricular club and/or detention. This must be done with the permission of the supervising member of staff and under supervision.

This has been clearly communicated to pupils in assemblies and in follow-up tutorial sessions. We have also produced a video which staff have been asked to share with pupils to ensure clarity of expectations.

As you will appreciate this ‘no-phone culture’ will mean a change for pupils and we would like to thank parents/carers for their support of this policy and would ask that you reinforce this in discussions with your child.

If you have an emergency and need to contact your child, you should do this through the normal channels by phoning the College’s Main Reception. The College will then be responsible for giving the message to the pupil.

If a pupil is in breach of the policy, then the phone will be confiscated immediately and stored securely in a safe in Pupil Reception and the pupil may collect it at the end of the day. This will also be recorded on ClassCharts and parents/carers will receive a notification to this effect. Each repeated misuse in a term will result in a detention and phone confiscation.

In light of these changes, the College’s Behaviour Policy has also been updated to reflect this. As an aside, please note an additional change in the Behaviour Policy – the Internal Exclusion room will be renamed Reflection Room with effect from Monday 15 April 2024. Please see the updated policy at this link https://www.garthhillcollege.com/docs/policies/ Behaviour_Policy.pdf

We very much appreciate your support with this and if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Mrs Powell

Vice Principal