Return to School - Testing Arrangements

Further to my email to parents/carers sent last Friday 26 February, parents/carers should have received from the College further details on the test arrangements, including appointment time for the first initial test.  Students will be able to return to face-to-face education at school after their first negative test.  The first of three initial tests (3-5 days apart) will take place on site for students from Monday 08 March as follows:

Year Group


First Test


Return to

School Date

Years 11, 12, 13, LSC, Rise@GHC

Monday 08 March

Tuesday 09 March

Years 9 & 10

Tuesday 09 March

Wednesday 10 March

Years 7 & 8

Wednesday 10 March

Thursday 11 March

Children of key/critical workers and vulnerable children will continue to attend school from Monday 08 March, but will re-join their year group bubble on the day of the year group bubble’s phased return. 

We will issue students with their own home test kit to commence after their third and final test in school. Initial testing is due to finish on Thursday 18 March. 

Home Testing for Households, Childcare & Support Bubbles

In addition to home testing for students (supplied by the school), households, childcare and support bubbles of primary and secondary-age pupils are eligible for twice weekly home testing.  For further information please click on the following link:

Important Reminder – Preventing Transmission

Students must not come to school with Covid-19 symptoms, or if a member of their household has Covid-19 symptoms.  If anyone in your household develops Covid symptoms, Government guidance states that your whole household must isolate and the person with symptoms must arrange a test as above.

At this time, we are also advising parents/carers to keep their child/ren at home if they are feeling unwell with any other (non-Covid listed) symptoms, however mild.  Thank you for your cooperation and support.