Remote Learning and Studying from home


A separate communication with details on remote learning and our expectations of pupils was issued on Friday 20 March. Further information can be found on the College’s website. 

  • Teachers have set work for their classes using Class Charts until the end of term. From Easter, teachers will continue to set work for each class/lesson using Class Charts. 
  • Pupils are expected to complete this work during the hours of the normal school day, complete any classwork by the deadline and submit work to be assessed in the agreed way. 

Please log in using the college username and password to Class Charts regularly for updates. Work will be added regularly, but please note that if teachers are unwell they will not be able to set work on a particular day. 

Staff will be contactable via email if you have any questions or require any help or support. Please note that if the member of staff is unwell they may not be able to reply in a timely way. 

  • You can also contact the College using 
  • If you require any support with IT issues, please email at