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Garth Hill College

Remote Learning - Thursday 02 March 2023

For pupils in Year 7, 8, 9 or Year 10 and learning remotely from home on Thursday 2 March.  (some pupils will be in College by prior arrangement) 

As you will be aware on Thursday 2 March you will be learning remotely.

Key information:

  • Pupils need to be online and ready to learn at 08:55am.
  • AM and PM registration will not take place (use AM registration time to log in and accept ‘Live Lesson’ invites).
  • Teachers may schedule their lessons in advance or during the day on Wednesday, so please continue to check email and  your Teams calendar throughout the day.
  • Timings of the day have not changed. Break, lunch and lesson times remain the same.
  • Thursday 2 March follows the Week 2 timetable.


REMINDER: One of the following two options will be accessible each period on Wednesday.


1.     Live lessons will be scheduled and delivered by your timetabled teacher.


2.    Complete Assignments set on Microsoft Teams for your timetabled lessons.

most of the assignments will take you through to Seneca follow the guidance in the     assignment.  (your password in the first instance is seneca2020)

If you experience any technical difficulties, email helpdesk@garthhillcollege.com