RISE@GHC Football Success

"On 7 November, the Rise@GHC Football Team went to a football tournament at the Madjeski Academy Dome. The team was a mixture of Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils. At the beginning of the day we felt a bit deflated as a team since we had lost our first and second match, due to the fact that we were a new team. This did not stop us from trying hard and we kept our morale high - this really helped us for the rest of the day. Starting from game three, we started to play together as a team and played a lot better. Game three was a draw, followed by the last four games resulting in a win. Charlie made some amazing saves as our goalkeeper, and we could not be more proud of him for stopping the shots. We also scored lots of goals as a combined team effort.  We decided to give Beau player of the tournament since he scored many goals for us, which helped us to win games. Not only this, he was always making everyone else feel confident and was just a good overall player, considering it was his first time at the tournament. Overall, I was a really proud captain as we came 3rd place out of 8 teams. I would also like to thank Miss Pullinger, Mr Cable and Mrs Adamson for making it possible for us to attend."

By Lewis

The football team were a credit to the Rise during the football tournament. They were impeccably well behaved and showed brilliant sportsmanship by shaking hands and congratulating each player at the end of each match. Lewis Jerome was a charismatic leader and was pivotal to the team’s success. He should be very proud of himself and the rest of the team. We very much look forward to the next tournament in January, where, after more training, we will be hoping to jump to first place.