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National Careers Week

This week (w/c 6 March 2023) is National Careers Week. It follows on from National Apprenticeship Week last month. In school, our assemblies are based on careers education, different careers pathways open to pupils and local labour market information. The main message is about believing in yourself and taking the opportunity to be the best you can be.

The week is a chance to focus on careers and links to education, time to individually and collectively understand, realize and work towards fulfilling goals; an opportunity to feel confident about the future and focus on what you need to do now. This is a focus week but importantly an opportunity to embrace the idea of personal kindness, recognizing our skills and attributes and thinking about how we can develop them through the weeks and months ahead.

In tutor time, pupils will be signposted to and have discussion around careers information, tools and pathways, tailored by year group. Parents/carers may find the guide below to be a useful resource when looking at careers and talking with your child about careers.

The Parents’ Guide to NCW 2023 - National Careers Week

More information can be found here on our website:

Garth Hill College - Careers Programme