Marchants Hill Update

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Wednesday 3 July

We had an evening walk last night and saw some great views and wildlife.

This morning we had Archery first, all the students had a good amount of goes and all hit their targets in some shape or form.

We've just conquered the rock climbing, everyone incuding staff had a go, a couple of students got to the top at least 15 times!

We will be having our lunch shortly and sadly we will be departing for our journey back to Rise@GHC.

The students have been amazing and their behaviour has been exemplary, they have been great representatives of Garth Hill College and made us very proud. Thank you Year 10 :)

Tuesday 2 July

Our antics today saw us set off this morning to go straight on to the very high zip wire where the we all got four goes each, staff included! :)

Later this morning we had an energetic game of aeroball which tired us out and gave us an appetite for lunch. After some well earned free time we are now abseiling down a 42ft tower followed by a sensory trail.

Monday 1 July

After a hearty breakfast we went off to conquer our first challenge......the giant swing! The boys all had a go and worked very well as a team, great fun!

The obstacle course was completed three times then a short game of basketball.

All looking forward to a very well earned lunch now!

After lunch we took part in some rifle shooting, the boys really enjoyed it and all hit the pellets on a target! Our next challenge was 'Survivor' where they learnt survival skills in the woods including shelter building, fire starting, and how to filter water using natural resources found in the forest, in true Bear Grylls style!

We had an early dinner with a good amount of free time before we made our way down to the camp fire. Our group leader Hugh and two other PGL staff members told us stories, sang songs and let us warm marsh mallows, (using twigs of course). Hugh discovered that James had his Star Wars joke book so we heard quite a few Darth Vader related jokes!

Sunday 30 June

We arrived at Marchants Hill yesterday at 3pm, settled into our rooms which are very cosy and went for a walk, beautiful views. We all had dinner and then onto an ambush in the woods!

All very tired and not a peep from the students all night :)