Microsoft Teams - top tips

Important information for pupils and parents/carers on remote learning using Microsoft Teams

We encourage all pupils to begin familiarising themselves with Microsoft Teams from Monday 20 April. Although Class Charts will remain our main learning platform for the time being, we envisage moving all remote learning to Microsoft Teams in the near future.

During this pilot of Microsoft Teams, when staff and pupils gain experience and working knowledge of the application, the chat, posting, and video call functions will be disabled to allow teachers to support pupils in a safe and structured way. We will review pupils’ use of Microsoft Teams by end of week beginning Monday 27 April with a view to determining the date when all learning can be set using Microsoft Teams.

To help prepare for using Microsoft Teams, please take some time to watch the training links below. If you have any questions, please also read the help documents in Microsoft Teams. If you still require help and support with IT access please email

For Parents/Carers: parents-and-guardians-89d514f9-bf5e-4374-a731-a75d38ddd588?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US

For Pupils:

Signing into Microsoft Teams: office-365-for-students-eea3ee92-ba42-4217-90d4-155f9a5477e4

Working as a team: 4 short video clips: in-microsoft-teams-c724a033-092c-4ccd-96af-286a29a0757e

Assignments: using-the-feedback-loop-63e5efdd-be09-47f0-87ea-e8e4bcb45aa4

We will keep you updated on the progress of this pilot and plans to move all learning to Microsoft Teams.