Kooth Online Counselling Support for Young People

Hello from Mrs Ranger, I am House Mentor for Lawrence House and also a part of the college Safeguarding Team. Each of us within the team has a particular area of interest and I am delighted to share that my area is Pupil Wellbeing and Mental Health. One of my aims is to promote children and young people’s wellbeing, resilience and recovery.

Within school, I along with the other House Mentors, as well as teachers and the safeguarding team offer a safe place for you to talk about your worries and feelings and we will work with you, school and home to support you.  However I know that it is not always easy to talk to another person, or you may need support when you are not in school. To help you access support outside of school I would like to tell you about Kooth.

Kooth is a free online counselling support for young people.  You can access via laptops, tablets or phone and they offer a range of wellbeing and mental health services including free access to speak to a counsellor or emotional wellbeing practitioner. The service is anonymous and students can self-refer. If you don’t want to access the counselling provision there are many other areas you can engage with including journaling, magazine articles, discussion boards, therapeutic activities, and podcasts all of which are designed to support mental health and wellbeing. 

If you are looking for some activities to help check out their Activity Brochure or signup – it’s as simple as this.

Activities Brochure - Kooth Secondary School