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Garth Hill College

Key Information for September 2021


College Arrangements for the Start of Term - September 2021 https://garthhillcollege.greenhousecms.co.uk/News/College-Arrangements-for-the-Start-of-Term/

Return to school dates for September following a first LFD (lateral flow device negative test, see https://garthhillcollege.greenhousecms.co.uk/News/COVID-19-Control-Measures-for-the-start-of-Term for COVID-19 Control Measures for start of Term):

Year Group

First Test Date

Return to School Date

Years 7, 12 and 13; Rise Year 7

Thursday 02 September

Friday 03 September

Years 10 and 11; Rise Years 8-11

Friday 03 September

Monday 06 September

Years 8 and 9

Monday 06 September

Tuesday 07 September

Arrangements for Year 7 Pupils’ Testing

arrangements for year 7 pupils testing.pdf

Arrangements for Year 8 Pupils’ Testing

arrangements for year 8 pupils testing.pdf

Arrangements for Year 9 Pupils’ Testing

arrangements for year 9 pupils testing.pdf

 Arrangements for Year 10 Pupils’ Testing

arrangements for year 10 pupils testing.pdf

 Arrangements for Year 11 Pupils’ Testing

arrangements for year 11 pupils testing.pdf

Arrangements for Sixth Form Testing

arrangements for sixth form testing.pdf