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Garth Hill College

Garth Hill College Level 3 Results 2021


Results summary

 Number of students entered


 Total number of Level 3 entries.


 Total school points score for all eligible students


 Average total point score per student - all points (AS, A Level, BTEC )


 Pass rate (Grades A* – B) % including equivalents


 Pass rate (Grades A* – C) % including equivalents


 Pass rate (Grades A* – E) % including equivalents



College headlines

Jessica Brown: A* Business, A Geography, A Media, Distinction in Travel & Tourism – Loughborough University – International Business

Melanie Garred: A* Chemistry, A* Mathematics, A History – University of Bath – Natural Sciences

Joshua Horvat: A* Mathematics, A Geography, A Biology – University of Southampton – Accounting and Finance

Matt Hatcher: A* Mathematics, A, Chemistry, A Physics – University of Southampton – Chemical Engineering

Emily Wilson: A Psychology, A Sociology, A Media – University of Sussex - Psychology

Luc Hersent: A* French, A* Mathematics, A Product Design, C Physics – University of Swansea – Aerospace Engineering


We would like to congratulate students on their achievements this year.  It has been challenging for them.  Whilst students did not get the opportunity to sit their final exams, they have worked incredibly hard over many years and we recognise their discipline and commitment this year in working towards their teacher assessed grades.  We wish them all the very best and every success for the future. 

Staff worked tirelessly and diligently to determine the teacher assessed grades based on students’ work and performance and the process was fair and robust.  The teacher assessed grades overall represent the very strong track record of student success in our Sixth Form in recent years.   

Keith Grainger, Principal, Garth Hill College


We are absolutely thrilled with the results from our young people. They have worked extremely hard throughout these difficult times to obtain excellent results for their next steps. Despite working through some of the most difficult years in recent history, our students have shown great resilience, community, and spirit. Their ambition, dedication and sense of purpose has been magnificent. These young people really are our future and it has been an honour to be a part of their secondary school career. We wish all of our young people the very best as they take their first steps into the world beyond Sixth Form.

Katie Fatania, Head of Sixth Form, Garth Hill College


These results are a testament to the continued focused work, of students and staff at Garth Hill College. An ALPS score of 1 confirms a three-year trend of ALPS which firmly establishes our Sixth Form in the top 25% of providers in the country. A three-year score of ALPS 3 demonstrates the consistency of quality education in the Sixth Form, the resilience of our students and staff and our commitment to work together to be the best we can be.

Nick Huskinson, Assistant Principal, Garth Hill College


For further information please contact Euan Turner, Assistant Principal on 01344 412122 or at e-turner@garthhillcollege.com