Following Monday’s announcement by the Department for Education, we were relieved and pleased to learn that GCSE and A Level students would be awarded their centre assessment grades this year.

We fully appreciate that it has been a difficult and trying time for our young people. We are delighted for the students who have worked hard over many years and congratulate them on their achievements. We wish them all the very best for the future.

Teachers made carefully considered judgements based on a clear rationale and a robust range of existing available evidence. Garth Hill staff followed Ofqual’s procedures correctly and with integrity.

The most important thing in all of this is that students are able to go onto the next stage of their lives and staff will provide the support, advice and guidance that students need at this time. We congratulate pupils on their GCSE examination success particularly given the difficult circumstances they faced this year. Well done to everyone concerned.

Garth Hill College

(We were informed that we were not to publish BTEC results to pupils. This is due to concerns over the fairness of the results in relation to the now significantly higher outcomes for GCSE and A Levels. We have been assured that pupils will be reissued with results soon.)