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Garth Hill College

Extreme Weather Warning

As you are aware, there has been an extreme heat alert warning issued for next week.  As a result, pupils will be allowed to continue to attend College without their blazers until the end of term.  Summer uniform is in place and allows the wearing of shorts.  Further details can be found on the College’s website at the following link. Garth Hill College - Uniform and Presentation

We have issued advice to all pupils to take sensible precautions in the heat.  We are also advising pupils to stay inside on Monday and Tuesday at break and lunchtimes. They should stay in the shade, apply sun screen, wear a sun hat if outside and drink plenty of water.  Please ensure your child brings a bottle of water to College, that can be refilled on site to ensure they remain hydrated.   During PE lessons, pupils will be taking part in less vigorous activities and lessons will take place indoors where possible.

Please note that all detentions, after school activities and/or clubs will be cancelled on Monday and Tuesday.

We benefit from buildings that perform well in warmer temperatures due to thermal properties (i.e. cooler inside the building than outside).  However, we will monitor this carefully throughout Monday and Tuesday.  We will of course be mindful of any specific health concerns regarding the heat alert that will impact on some of our young people.  If parents/carers have a particular concern, please contact your child’s Head of House or Form Tutor.  We have reiterated to pupils that if they feel unwell at any time, they must report this to a teacher.  

We will contact you again if there is any further information.