Exam News

Dear Parents/Carers

We have made it through a busy first two weeks of exams and now Study Leave begins. Please see the details below for arrangements during this time.

Pupil Arrangements

Pupils only have to attend college if they have an exam or a lesson for a subject that they have not yet completed. We need to ensure that we minimise coming and going through Main Reception to ensure it can still function properly and so there are restriction to signing in and out.

  • If they are coming in for an a.m. exam or lesson they must attend registration.
  • If they are leaving in the morning following an exam or lesson they must sign out on the sheets that will be located on the tables by pupil reception.
  • If they sign out in a morning following an exam or lesson they will not be allowed to sign back in until 1.15 if they have a pm exam.
  • If they are arriving for a final prep P3 they should sign in at 11.30.
  • If they are signing in for a pm exam they must arrive by 1.15pm and sign in on the tables.
  • They must continue to be in full school uniform and follow college rules at all times.
  • NB- they will not just be able to sign in and out at break and lunchtime to pop to Waitrose/Town

If pupils do wish to stay in college and revise between a morning or afternoon exam but they have no lesson at that time, we will arrange for a quiet study room to be available. The study room will be available by asking at Pupil Reception. We would appreciate an indication of this in advance so we can know to make arrangements. If you also wish for your child to continue being in college full time, please email the relevant Head of House so that further arrangements can be made.

Kind regards

Mrs Hart