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European Day of Languages at Sandy Lane Primary School

On Wednesday 27th September 2023, Stephen, Arina, Iola, Daisy, Cassandra, Mikey, Harry, Harry, Isak, Ansel, Miya, Grace, Angel, Ketija, & Jack from Year 11B German, celebrated European Day of Languages at Sandy Lane Primary School. Frau Marshall very kindly agreed to it this year and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity.

The year 11s visited the school in two groups and taught farm animals in German to different year 5 classes.  This was thoroughly enjoyed by both the year 5 classes and equally so by the year 11s.  

In group 1 Iola quite comfortably took the role of teacher and clapped in rhythm to gain the attention of the class perfectly. She did a fabulous job of teaching and making the class repeat after her. 

Harry also stood before the class and taught them with great confidence.  

Group 2 saw Stephen in the teacher’s seat with Cassie second in charge, who enthused the class with her vocabulary repetition and great animal noises. All the others walked around helping and rewarding the excited pupils with stickers. It was a wonderful opportunity for the year 11 to stand before a class full of young Germanists and teach them.

As it was also Stephen’s birthday, the year 5s got to sing happy birthday to him.

Mrs Bhutta was very proud of all the participants and they behaved impeccably.  

Well done everyone!! Gut gemacht!!