English Intervention Lessons

English intervention sessions are running as follows. Pupils should check on the windows on the English corridor for information on what the sessions will cover each week. 

  • Monday A110 3:15-4:15 (Language; invite only) Miss Monahan/Miss Quick 
  • Monday A107 3:15-4 (Language) Miss Mudge 
  • Tuesday A110 3:15-4 (Literature) Miss Monahan 
  • Tuesday A101 3:15-4 (Language) Mrs Turner 
  • Tuesday A104 3:15-4 (Language) Mrs Phipps 
  • Wednesday A106 3:15-4 (Language) Mr Zerilli 
  • Wednesday WEEK 2 A104 3:15-4 (Language; 11X3 only) Mrs Phipps 
  • Thursday A109 3:15-4 (Literature) Miss Quick 
  • Thursday A102 3:15-4 (Literature) Mrs Jutla 
  • Thursday A111 3:15-4 (Language) Miss Samuel