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Garth Hill College

College Arrangements for the Start of Term

The Government has issued new guidance for schools from Step 4. This means that from the start of term in September, students will no longer be in bubbles. Students will follow a normal timetable moving across the College from classroom to classroom. The full curriculum can resume including setting (in line with the Colleges Curriculum Policy and Assessment Policy), assemblies, extra-curricular activities and off-site activities.

Return to school dates for September following a first LFD (lateral flow device negative test, see https://garthhillcollege.greenhousecms.co.uk/News/COVID-19-Control-Measures-for-the-start-of-Term for COVID-19 Control Measures for start of Term):

Year Group

First Test Date

Return to School Date

Years 7, 12 and 13; Rise Year 7

Thursday 02 September

Friday 03 September

Years 10 and 11; Rise Years 8-11

Friday 03 September

Monday 06 September

Years 8 and 9

Monday 06 September

Tuesday 07 September

The following timings of the day will operate from September:

KS3 (Y7 & 8)

KS4 (Y9, 10 & 11)

6th Form




Arrive 5 mins. before lesson




Period 1




KS3 break


Period 2



KS4 break



KS4 Period 3

(Year 9) 11.45-12.55

(Year 10 & 11) 11.45-13.00


KS3 Period 3a

11.45 -12.10


12.10 -12.50



KS3 Period 3b


Period 4








In response to feedback from students and parents/ carers, the start and end of the day, break and lunch is staggered. As a large school, this will help minimise risk of crowding. We will review the timings at the end of September.

Break and Lunch

As you will see from the above timings of the day, break and lunch is staggered by key stage 3 (years 7 and 8) and key stage 4 (years 9, 10 and 11). Students will not remain in classrooms for packed lunch, but will be able to eat in designated areas. Please ensure that you have topped up your childs account with adequate funds if purchasing food. Please remember not to bring any nuts or any products containing nuts to College.

Entrances and Exits

From September, students are no longer required to use designated entrance and exit gates. Students may enter and exit by South Gate or North Gate, whichever is most convenient to them.

However, in order to ensure an orderly start and end to the day, we have designated doors for entrance and dismissal by houseas follows:

  • Students in Haversham and Lawrence should enter and exit by the Sports Hall doors (near South Gate)
  • Students in Fielden and Brownlow should enter and exit by the Inner Link doors.

Staff will be on duty and students will be expected to use the hand sanitiser provided on entry and exit. Students arriving late, after their designated arrival time, should sign in via Pupil Reception.

Uniform and Lockers

All students should arrive in full College uniform. Please see full item in this bulletin regarding the Colleges Code of Dress and presentation. Lockers will be available in September.


Students will no longer wear PE kit to College on days when they have PE. From September, we intend to operate PE changing rooms. Please refer to the Colleges PE kit in this bulletin.

Behaviour Expectations

We are committed to ensuring all learning is disruption free and have a consistent behaviour system in place. We expect all students to adopt the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Garth Hill College Pupils. As we no longer need to operate in bubbles, the Behaviour Support Centre will reopen from September to provide support and/or intervention for those students who require it. Students will be informed of any updates to our standards and expectations in September. Roll Call will continue at the beginning of AM registration every morning to ensure a positive start to the day. During Roll Call, Form Tutors will check that every member of the class has the correct uniform, Tools for Learning and is ready to learn. Please see the Colleges Behaviour Policy for further information.


Students should ensure that they have all the required Tools for Learning. 


It is important that all students are as safe as possible when travelling to and from college. Students are advised to walk or cycle if possible. Students cycling must wear a cycle helmet, use cycle paths and bring a lock to store their cycle securely in the cycle shed.