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Garth Hill College

Media Studies - Curriculum Page

Subject Leader – Mrs C Amos

Media GCSE - Years 9, 10 and 11

Exam board:

AQA Course code: 8572


  • Paper 1: A written exam of one hour and thirty minutes, comprising questions focused on the theoretical framework which underpins all Media Studies texts: industry, language, audience and representation.
  • Paper 2: A written exam of one hour and thirty minutes, comprising questions focused on analysing media products through media language and the context of media.
  • Non-exam assessment: A practical unit where students are encouraged to explore their creativity. Students are offered a choice of topics and formats relating to an over-arching (annually changing) theme. Students are expected to produce one media product and a supporting statement.


  • Exam: Papers 1 and 2 are worth 70% of the GCSE.
  • Non-exam Assessment: Practical production is worth 30% of the GCSE.

Home Learning

Pupils are set regular home learning tasks to consolidate classroom learning such as reading print media or watching a broadcast set by the teacher, writing up analyses of media texts or completing preparation materials for future topics.

How Parents and Carers Can Support

Parents can support pupils by ensuring they are engaging with media texts in order to broaden their knowledge of media platforms (print, broadcasting and e-media), and ensure Home Learning is completed so that pupils can benefit fully from the resources and lessons they are given.

Additional Support Available/Useful Links


Reading List

  • Pupils can begin background reading through the following website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/ztnygk7
  • Pupils should also be engaging with a variety of media such as reading a range of newspapers and magazines, watching varied genres of broadcasting (documentaries, the news, films, TV dramas etc.) and exploring a range of appropriate websites (BBC News, C4, Sky News etc,).

Assessment Schedule

Year 10 Assessment Overview 2023-24

Year 11 Assessment Overview - Autumn Term 2023

Year 11 Assessment Overview - Spring Term 2024

Knowledge Organisers

Encoding and decoding

Genre Types

Media Audiences Crib Sheet

Media Industry Crib Sheet

Media Representation Crib Sheet

Order of Signification