Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is more than a library; it is a place at the heart of the college where pupils and students can access learning independently.

The LRC is staffed to provide a safe, supportive environment for pupils outside lesson times and supports lessons held within curriculum time. The LRC is open daily from 8.15am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and until 3.15pm on Friday.

The LRC is a welcoming environment, displaying pupil work alongside up to date resource s. We have quiet areas, including bean bags where pupils can sit and quietly read. We also have a table area where pupils can sit together with friends and quietly work or share and discuss the magazines and newspapers that are on offer daily. There is a bay of 13 computers, which can be accessed by pupils at all times for home learning, coursework and independent learning, with 20 laptops, if needed, for additional classroom use.

All curriculum areas make use of the resources and facilities. A few lessons are timetabled in the LRC but most lessons that take place there are at the request of teaching staff who wish to use the books and computers and have access to the adaptable space and resources. Reading is seen as being important in all learning. Therefore each Tutor Group in year 7 and year 8 has a timetabled session to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to access good quality books and feel at home in the LRC environment. The expectation at Garth Hill is that pupils have a book to read, whether for a designated task in English lessons or for tutor reading sessions.

Before College

The LRC is available before College from 8.15am for any pupils or students wishing to finish home learning activities or use the printers. It is also available for all LRC resources.

Break and Lunchtime

The LRC is open to all at break and lunch time with books, newspapers, magazines and computers with printing facilities available. Pupils using the LRC are encouraged to follow the guidelines set out by the LRC Manager.

1. LRC is available to all pupils, students and staff at the discretion of the LRC Manager.

2. No food or drink allowed without prior arrangement by the LRC Manager.

3. Computers are available at break / lunch for Home Learning – no games.

4. Individual seating and bean bag area is for silent reading only.

5. One person per bean bag at all times.

6. Table area at break / lunch available for groups and quiet talking / chatting.

7. Use of mobile phones or laptops is at the discretion of the LRC Manager.

8. Sixth Form students may be asked to vacate computers at break / lunch if busy.

9. LRC Manager, staff and LRC Assistants should be treated with respect at all times.

Home Learning Facilities

The Home Learning Club is well attended by pupils from all year groups and there is plenty of space for more! A quiet space is available between 3.10pm and 4.30pm Monday to Thursday. Pupils can attend any day after College; just sign in and there is always someone available to support and encourage them in their work. It also provides a safe place after College for pupils whose parents cannot pick them up at 3.10pm.

Borrowing Books

All pupils, students and staff are members of the LRC and can borrow books and use resources. Books are loaned for two weeks and they need to be returned or renewed after this time. A pupil’s biometric print is used in line with our cashless catering system. All pupils, students and staff can access our library catalogue through FROG, which is linked with Home Learning. They can search and request items from home to be collected when they are next in College.

A significant number of books, up to 600 a year, are borrowed and exchanged through Berkshire Educational Library Service (ELS). Resources are also kept up to date with donations (please see our stock policy) and new books purchased, working within our allocated budget.