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Garth Hill College

Garth Hill Summer School 2021


The aim of the summer school was to support the transition from primary to secondary school for students that had been highlighted by their primary school in need of additional transition work for a wide variety of reasons. A team of highly experienced staff delivered the summer school including the Head of Pupil Care, an Assistant Head of House, the Family Support Advisor and members of teaching staff.

The summer school delivered a programme that included:

  • Curriculum intervention programmes in English and in Maths
  • Classroom activities supporting the transition to secondary school
  • Sporting events
  • Use of the performing arts facilities
  • Offsite visits – Theatre; Winchester Science Museum
  • Team building activities at Horseshoe Lake
  • Outside visitors – Berkshire Reptiles
  • A celebration of success at the end of each week


Staff £ 10,802.67
Catering £ 1,405.00
Trips and visits £2,833.52
Miscellaneous (e.g. printing; Covid test posting) £ 50.00
Total Outgoings £15,091.19


Attendance was by invite only. The students who met the criteria for an invite to summer school were identified by primary schools through the primary school meetings with the Head of Pupil Care and other professionals. Approx. 50 students met the criteria to be invited to summer school and of those 37 took up the offered place. Students had the option to attend either, or both, weeks of summer school.
Attendance during the summer school was variable. Contact was made with those students who had accepted the place but then did not attend to see what further support could be offered to these students.


The summer school was a great success, one parent commented:

‘He absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to come in every day. He has been telling everyone how amazing Garth is and feels so excited to start in September. He now said he feels really comfortable inside the school as he knows where the classrooms are, the toilets and canteen etc.’

All of the students who attended summer school have made a smooth transition to Garth Hill in September.