In line with ‘Our Message to the Young People of Garth Hill’, our curriculum aims to develop: 

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, work hard, progress and achieve.

  • confident and ambitious individuals with great aspirations for the future, and the aptitude, determination and commitment to go on and achieve well in life.

  • responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society.

The College aims to ensure that pupils have access to

  • a curriculum that develops the key knowledge and understanding required in each of the subjects that they study

  • high quality learning in a broad and balanced range of core and foundation subjects

  • sufficient choice of subjects when the time comes to specialise and/or courses that are more appropriate to their needs.

  • a curriculum that does not solely focus on examination and test outcomes, but aims to develop the whole child, personally and academically.

  • a rich diversity of educational experiences and opportunities to develop the wider knowledge, understanding and skills that prepare pupils for life.

A balanced curriculum involves providing the pupils with teaching across the full range of the curriculum, with core and foundation subjects being taught on a regular basis.

The National Curriculum is followed at Garth Hill College. At key stage 4, when pupils have an element of choice, they are guided to maintain a balanced programme that meets the needs and aspirations of pupils.  Pupils, parents and carers will receive information, advice and guidance about the options available at key stages 4 and 5.

If you require further information regarding the curriculum, please contact Subject Leaders or Euan Turner -


Assessment Framework Overview - Years 7 and 8

Assessment Framework Overview - Year 9

SUBJECTS at Garth Hill College and Sixth Form
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School of Language and Communications:

English, Media, French, German, Spanish

School of Mathematics and Information Studies: 

Maths, Business, ICT, Computer Science

School of Science and Technology:

Sciences, Food, Graphics, Engineering, Industrial Technology, Resistant Materials, Textiles

School of Human, Creative and Physical Studies:

Art,  Citizenship, Drama and Performing Arts, Geography, Government and Politics, Health and Social Care, History, Law, Music, Photography, Physical Education, Psychology, Sociology, Religious Studies, Travel and Tourism

Sixth Form