Class Charts Guidance

We recently started using Class Charts at Garth Hill College as a replacement for FROG. Class Charts aims to improve the quality of information that we give you about your child/ren.

Class Charts is a user-friendly online system which teachers use to track and report Home Learning and to create seating plans to maximise learning potential in the classroom. It allows you as parents/carers to download an app on your phone or tablet which gives information on your child/ren’s work. It is available on iOS and android apps, or any web enabled device.

You can access Class Charts by clicking on CLASSCHARTS at the top of our website. When accessing Class Charts for the first time, you will have to use an access code to create your own account. Each child has a unique access code which will be issued to all parents/carers via post/email.

If you have more than one child attending the College, you will receive a separate access code for every child; you can create an account with one access code and then add each additional child onto this account using their unique access codes.

In case of forgotten password please follow this link Forgot Password to reset your password.

Detailed Class Charts guidance can be found on this page.

If you experience difficulties in accessing or using Class Charts, please email: