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Garth Hill College

Contacting the college

We welcome the views of all pupils, students and parents/carers, including areas of concern, as long as this is in a constructive and civil manner. In our experience, the vast majority of concerns or queries are resolved at an informal level.

We are committed to making an initial response or acknowledgement of your message within two working school days if a full response will take longer to provide.

In the first instance, parents/carers should raise any concern with their child’s Form Tutor.

In the event of a serious concern or emergency, parents/carers may judge it more appropriate to contact the Head of House or an Assistant Principal (Head of School). Please copy any written communication to a member of staff, including email, to the line manager (i.e. Head of House or Subject Leader wherever possible.)

In an emergency alert our reception staff in order that we can respond without delay.

The College’s Home and College Communications Policy  provides parents/carers with detailed guidance on contacting the College in the event of a query or concern.

College Contact Points

For general enquiries or concerns:

Your child's form tutor

Form tutor’s line manager: Head of House or Assistant Head of House

Head of House’s Line Manager: Assistant Principal (Head of School)


For enquiries regarding class work or progress in learning:

Your child’s subject tutor

Subject tutor’s line manager: Subject Leader (Head of Department)

Subject Leader’s line manager: Curriculum Team Leader (CTL)/Deputy Curriculum Team Leader (DCTL)


For SEND and Inclusion: Mrs Morris (Assistant Principal)

For Sixth Form: Mr Swan (Head of Sixth Form)