At Garth Hill we believe that learning is not limited to the classroom and enrichment activities must be accessible and inclusive. We offer all our pupils the opportunity to take part in activities and visits which add new dimensions and depth to their academic learning and provide enriching and fun experiences.  These activities help to raise motivation and achievement in the classroom.

All pupils at Garth Hill College also have the opportunity to embark on an innovative life skills programme called ‘The Edge’.  The scheme is intended, over time, to develop and accredit the life skills and attributes that employers are telling us they need – leadership, organisation, initiative, resilience and communication.  This will give pupils a qualification, which runs alongside their academic successes and recognises what they can do as well as what they know.

For the past five years, all our Year 7 pupils have taken part in St John Ambulance first aider training.  This course equips them with basic life-saving first aid skills.  The course includes topics such as how to deal with an asthma attack, coping with an emergency as well as chest pains and CPR.

In 2014, Garth Hill College received the St John Ambulance School’s Mark in recognition of its on-going commitment to train both pupils and staff.

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Garth Hill pupils are always learning through diverse and enriching activites and challenges.