Brownlow House

Welcome to Brownlow House

Head of House : Mr Swanton

Assistant Head of House : Mrs Frost

House Mentor : Mrs Reeve

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Origins - Charles Brownlow
Sir Charles Brownlow was born on 12 December 1831.  He joined the Indian army in 1847 aged 16 and won his first medal in the Punjab war in 1848-49.  In 1863, he received his knighthood and in 1869 was appointed Aide de Camp to Queen Victoria.  In 1870, he married a local lady, Georgiana King.  They lived at Warfield Hall and carried out a number of good works for the local community.  After his wife's death in 1912, Sir Charles paid for the repair of the Warfield church roof.  He also paid for a community hall to be built but died in 1916 before the work was completed.  This was named Brownlow Hall in his memory.