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Garth Hill College


We expect all pupils to adopt the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Garth Hill College Pupils.  These expectations will apply to all areas of the College including classrooms.  

7 Habits of Highly Effective GHC Pupils

1. Attend and be punctual

2. Wear your uniform correctly.

3. Bring all your tools for learning.

4. Behave impeccably.

5. Follow instructions and rules - disruption free learning.

6. Be kind and helpful to others.

7. Always try your very best. 

Roll Call - AM Registration

We will help pupils ensure a positive start to the day with Roll Call each morning at the beginning of AM registration.  During Roll Call, the Form Tutor will check that every member of the class has the correct uniform, Tools for Learning and is ready to learn.  While we will initially support pupils by loaning any missing items, including items of uniform wherever possible, we will contact parents/carers to request their support in rectifying any issues as soon as possible and repeat offenders will be sanctioned. 

If you are in any doubt about the College’s code of dress or if you have a particular issue relating to your child’s uniform, please contact their Form Tutor or Head of House.

All pupils who arrive late to College must report immediately to the Behaviour Support Centre (BSC) for their Roll call.  Form Tutors will not accept pupils into their tutor room if they arrive after the late bell.  Pupils failing to attend registration on time will be issued with a 20-minute lunchtime detention that same day in the Behaviour Support Centre.  Persistent lateness will result in a further sanction and involvement from the Home School Liaison Officer and/or the Educational Welfare Officer.

Disruption Free Learning in the Classroom

Teachers may issue reminders to the class or redirect individuals during the lesson.  If this does not have the desired effect, and behaviour continues to be disruptive, then teachers will operate a ‘3 step warning system’ in their classrooms as follows:

When a pupil is sent to the Behaviour Support Centre, they will normally be placed in the ‘send out’ room for the remainder of the lesson.  The pupil will also be set a 30-minute detention after College for the following day. 

Parents/carers will be notified (i.e. by SMS text) if their son/daughter is sent to the Behaviour Support Centre. A member of staff will normally follow this up with either a telephone call or email home within 24 hours.

Pupils sent to the Behaviour Support Centre for a second time in the same day will be housed in the Behaviour Support Centre for the remainder of the day. This is because they are persistently disrupting the learning of others and this cannot be allowed to continue.  They will be allowed to join their peers at break and lunch as usual as long as there are no other behaviour issues.  Pupils will be set a one-hour College detention for the following day.  This will be written into their planner by the Behaviour Support Team and will override the initial 30-minute detention they were set. An SMS text will also be sent. 

A short restorative meeting between the teacher and pupil will also be arranged as part of the detention to help ensure disruption free learning in the next lesson. This will usually occur within 24 hours and ideally during the detention. 

Out of Class Behaviour

If a pupil displays poor behaviour outside of class, they will receive a detention which will be written into the planner. In serious cases of misbehaviour, further sanctions will apply. depending on individual circumstances.

Failure to comply

Pupils who refuse to follow this system or fail to attend detentions will normally be sanctioned with a minimum of a one-day Internal Exclusion, located in the Sixth Form Centre.  Internal Exclusion ends at 4.15pm.  Parents/carers will be informed regarding this in advance.  Refusal to attend Internal Exclusion will result in a Fixed Term Exclusion. Excluded pupils will still be required to complete time on the ‘send out’ room on their return to College. 

Updated Mobile Phone and Digital Devices Policy

The Policy on ‘The use of Mobile Phone and Digital Devices’ has changed. We no longer permit the use of mobile phones in the classroom as an educational tool.  They are only permitted in the designated e-zones below:

  • Ground Floor only in the Inner Link at break (11.20am -11.40am) and lunch (12.55pm – 1.40pm)
  • Restaurant - 11.20am -11.40am and 12.55pm - 1.40pm
  • Restaurant Terrace - 11.20am -11.40am and 12.55pm – 1.40pm
  • Sixth Form students may also use their mobile phones and digital devices in the Sixth Form Centre at all times.

Finally, we ask that all parents/carers and pupils sign the Home College Agreement which is in your child’s planner. 

Thank you in anticipation of your support.  We believe these changes will make pupils’ experience at Garth Hill even more positive and it is vital that parents/carers and staff are united and work together to ensure all learning is disruption free. View our Behaviour Policy on our policy page.