Aims and Strategy

Excellence as Standard

The College’s strategic aims are:

  • To provide a first class learning experience – we aim to provide a wide and diverse range of excellent opportunities, inside and outside the classroom, that enable our young people to develop exceptionally well both academically and personally
  • To be a genuine learning community – where adults, as well as young people, fully engage in the learning process, and are open to learning from each other and from all experiences
  • To be the best that we can be – everyone in the Garth Hill community always striving to improve so that we can do the best we can for ourselves and for others, and make the very most of life.

Everyone a Leader

At Garth Hill, we also aim to develop and encourage leadership skills and qualities in pupils and adults. One of our mottos is ‘everyone a leader’. This means everyone, including staff, governors, pupils and parents/carers, accepting full responsibility for the role they play in their own, in others and in the College’s journey to excellence.

Pupils First, Always Learning

At Garth Hill, a well-qualified and dedicated team of staff work hard to provide the best possible educational experience. We believe that working with young people is a privilege. We know we make a big difference. We know why we do what we do. We have high standards and expectations. We are always learning, looking to improve and do even better.

These are some of the other things that drive us in our work:

  • We are passionate about our pupils, everyone’s learning, and the Garth Hill community
  • We are driven by a relentless focus on our pupils’ progress and educational outcomes
  • We are committed to providing the very best professional development programme to our staff so that our pupils can benefit from excellent practice in their education. This is because we are also committed to providing excellent service and care to all of our young people and their families in all that we do, inside and outside the classroom, all of the time
  • We believe that anyone can achieve, and beyond expectation, with relentless dedication, commitment and purposeful, hard work.