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Garth Hill College

Working Together to
Achieve Success

Welcome to Garth Hill College

Garth Hill College serves the community of North Bracknell and surrounding areas for pupils aged 11-19. Success has been built upon high standards and expectations. We expect pupils to take responsibility, to work as hard as staff, always try their best, and to reflect upon, and learn from failure and success. We also expect our young people to demonstrate good behaviour, self-discipline and respect. We praise and reward good citizenship, but there are clearly understood sanctions for unacceptable conduct. Garth Hill is a happy and vibrant place of learning.

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SupportingOur Young People

  • Pastoral Care

    The College’s pastoral structure is organised as a house system. Each of the four main ‘schools’ is also home to one of the College’s four houses. There are four houses: Lawrence, Fielden, Brownlow and Haversham. Each house is made up of two or three tutor groups from each curriculum year, typically 11-12 tutor groups in total.

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  • Careers Programme

    We hope that this has given you a sense of what Garth Hill College Sixth Form can offer. Our aim is to help you achieve academically and personally, and prepare well for the next stage in your life, whether that is at university, on an apprenticeship or in the workplace. We are excited about the prospect of helping you to achieve your dreams and goals for the future.

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